Buy PVHS Bricks

Just like us, no two are the same. 
We all have different reasons for wanting a piece of our old school, but here they are...bricks. While they last.
Sooner or later, they'll all have disappeared.

Each brick is priced at a minimum donation rate.  You determine the value at checkout.  Please remember your donation allows us to continue what we offer and what we do-- it isn't free, unfortunately.

All brick has been presssure washed.  Most photos you'll see are during that process, but now they're lovingly in storage with odd bits of concrete and markings.  Some still have paint.  :(  Each has its own character as none have been cleaned to perfection and similarity.

Whole bricks, halves, chunks, and pieces have various shapes and sizes-- priced accordingly.  

Because everyone deserves an opportunity to own a piece, the price is as low as $1.00 for a small keepsake piece.  Some have used these in jewelry-making, placing in ornaments, etc.

Photos are of samples and suggested uses. 

If you wish to own a multi-brick section, we would need to discuss shipping options if not be picking up.  These make very cool lawn decorations, door stops, etc.
(see the cool photo below of one spotted on someone's porch)

If you desire a large quantity (perhaps for a larger project), we can discuss a fair price.


Multi-Brick Section
Whole Single Brick
Half Brick
Brick Chunk
Brick Piece


Follow PayPal prompts to either complete your transaction or return to shopping, such as shipping or another brick.  When given a space to write a message/note on your order,, feel free to describe the type of brick you'd like to have or its intended use... this will help in our selection of your unique piece.

You are also welcome to message us with any questions or detailed descriptions of whay you'd like us to look for as we sort through brick and pieces to complete your order.


Complete your transaction. 


MULTI-BRICK SECTION     message us with request (sample photo of what can be done, your section would NOT be painted)


WHOLE INDIVIDUAL BRICK     $20 minimum donation

HALF BRICK     $10 minimum donation

 BRICK CHUNK     $5 minimum donation

SAMPLE use in this shadow box.  Requires a Chunk or Piece.  Go to "Piece of PV Shadowbox" to inquire about ordering one of your own. (Made to order.)


Sample size below.  Great for craft projects... we offer handcrafted PV, Appalachia, and Union ornaments , some using brick pieces.

(or save s&h fee by picking up at the Shindig on 10/20, arrangements must be made)

PV Brick Shipping & Handling